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How to pack photos and photo albums for storage

Photos are our most treasured possessions and they are often the only link we have to special memories in our lives. That is why it is important to store photos properly and with great care. Knowing how to pack photos, their frames and other associated items ensures that the photos are maintained in good condition, that the frames are not damaged and that the albums can be viewed for years to come. Whether it is because you want to free up space in your home, reorganizing your photo collection or you are moving house, follow these tips and tricks to keep your photos in the best state possible!

Organizing your photos

Photos are commonly stored in random locations around our homes and in self-storage units. Gather all of your photos, their frames and any albums that you own in one place. Next, set aside a few hours to sort through and organize your photo collection. While it might seem like a good idea to get family members to sort through the collection together with you, this is not advised. Although it provides a fantastic opportunity for family members to bond, the process of organizing the photo collection may take longer than if you do it by yourself. You may also, at this point, decide to convert some of the photos to digital form in order to save space in your home.

Packing the photos for storage

Fill your empty or partially full photo albums and scrapbooks with any loose photos that you find in your collection. It is recommended that you use acid and lignin free album pages to protect your photos. You can also find photo storage boxes made from this material. If you do not wish to invest in photo albums or storage boxes, you need to be able to safely store the photos temporarily. Consider placing your photos between the pages of heavy books or between two pieces of cardboard taped together. Both of these options will safeguard your photos while you are moving house or if you are in the process of transferring your photo collection to a climate controlled self-storage unit.

Packing photo frames and albums

First, remove photos from their frames in order to prevent damage from broken glass. Next, wrap the frames in bubble wrap. Be sure to use enough bubble wrap in case heavier items fall on top of them. This will protect the frames from being crushed. Photo albums and scrapbooks are quite resilient. It is advised however, given the sentimental value of their contents, to keep them with you instead of packing them with other household items as you move house.

Accessible climate controlled self-storage solutions in Avon, New York

When you are moving household items into a climate controlled self-storage unit, knowing how to safely pack your photo collection helps protect a lifetime of special memories from accidental damage during transportation.

We at Rochester Street Self Storage are here to provide you with the essential guidance you need, as well as peace of mind that you are packing your photos and frames in the best way possible. That is why we offer climate-controlled storage units at our facility with access 24 hours a day. If you need somewhere in the Avon, New York area to store your personal belongings, be sure to choose Rochester Street Self Storage! Rent your unit online today or give us a call to see what is available.

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