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It’s tricky to select the optimum size of a storage unit. On the one hand, you get a lot of space to keep your things, but on the other hand, wasted space translates into a sheer waste of money. But a 5x10 unit is neither too small nor too big for many of us. Let us see if a storage unit of this size is correct for your specific requirements.

The capacity of a 5x10 unit

There are many efficient ways of storing a surprisingly large volume of things in a 5x10 storage unit, a typical bathroom size.

1. Reduce the items to a bare minimum. You can donate or sell unnecessary stuff. Selling old equipment that you haven't used for more than one year will also reduce the number of stored items.

2. You can fit sports equipment, small furniture, household goods, or a full-length mattress in it.

3. Business people can store rarely used files, bulk stationery or office supplies, and excess chairs in the storage unit to create more office space.

How to pack it?

The storage unit of 5x10 is ideal for residential and commercial people. Students can easily store their entire dorm stuff in it. An average resident can pack the whole bedroom items in this storage unit. All their personal belongings, along with bedroom furniture, can fit in this unit.

It will easily fit a queen size mattress in it, albeit at a small angle. It is better to stack boxes of the same size to conserve space. It will be safer to do this and will leave enough room for other items. E.g., you can set the loveseat or a couch against the wall and put items on top of them.

A Versatile solution for all

A 5x10 storage unit is suitable for not only the students and business people but is also versatile in the following situations:

1. A retired employee can use it for shifting to a smaller home after downsizing their requirements.

2. A Military person may be using it for deployment and movements to different areas.

3. A couple who could be getting a divorce, and either of them may be moving to a smaller home.

4. An employee is shifting to a different place due to a job change.

5. A household is trying to reduce the clutter at their home.

The possibilities are endless. There are many situations where a 5x10 storage unit becomes a lifesaver by helping to create space or shift belongings with peace of mind. Even a tenant is sometimes surprised to see how all their belongings fit into one single box.


You may have your own reasons for looking for self-storage in Avon, New York. You can save money if you understand which size of storage unit will meet your requirements. A too small a unit may be insufficient, whereas large storage may waste money and have excess space. Knowing how to pack will also save some space and money.

Contact us

Get in touch with the Rochester Street Self-storage team for your queries on capacity, sizes, uses, packing methods, or anything on self-storage. You can also book your space online. The storage guide will undoubtedly help you in deciding the best storage solution for your unique situation.

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