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About us Everyday Scandanavia is a lifestyle magazine published in English and Swedish since 2014 in Saltsjöbaden, a small suburb of Stockholm. We share our readers’ passion for Swedish design, architecture, food and fashion and want to inspire them to live an everyday-Scandanavian life. Everyday Scandanavia is not only about beautiful photographs of the natural landscape and the lifestyle here in Sweden, but also about giving credit to the innovative minds behind the design and it is about creating awareness around global issues. And sometimes we also have fun along the way. We are based in Stockholm but we are open to projects around the globe. See more. Each day we share interesting articles about new products, lifestyle and design, art, architecture, food, fashion, tech and more. We are an independent magazine and we do not accept sponsored content. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest in your mailbox. Stay informed. We will never give away, trade or sell your email address. You can unsubscribe at any time. A coffee with Petra Isaksson, founder of the design studio Sand Box. Who is Petra Isaksson? Petra Isaksson is the founder of the design studio Sand Box. She is based in Stockholm but Petra travels extensively all over the world to design products with an interesting lifestyle and global focus. Petra believes that “good design is about making everyday life better” and that "a lot of the products that we buy today are what we call disposable”. She also describes herself as a “big fan of design classics and high-quality design objects”. So we feel very excited to have such an interesting interview with Petra. 1. How did your journey to design start? I always thought I was good at drawing and I always loved looking at beautiful things, but I always felt my school career was boring and I had no motivation to study something that wasn’t fun. So when I left school and started studying design at art college I decided to study fashion design. I loved drawing and I had been drawing fashion all my life, but I didn’t like the idea of designing clothes in an industrial environment. I loved the process of hand-making and designing, but I also wanted to do something really big. And at that time, fashion design was really big. I designed




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